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Knowork - connect your community

When your coworking space members start to share ideas, hire each other, team up on a new project, get feedback from a developer, plan the next pitch night, might be late for happy hour, and more… Knowork has you covered.

Looking for a

Looking for a

Create new opportunities.

To promote members within your community, we make it easy for users to add their skills, work experience and educations. 

Upload your CV, add recommended skills, show off your profile, promote your company. A little bit of details do a lot to improve your findability .

Make more connections. Make more sales. 

Find expertise in your coworking space
Workspace member

The knowork portal at CrownSpaces made it easier for me to meet the other members. I have two new customers!

Maria Curioso

Graphic Designer @ MACRO

Increase community engagement.

While your members love coffee and WiFi, nothing is more valuable than an engaged, collaborative community.

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Keep members up to date.

Put everything that’s happening in your community in one place. Think of it as your digital coffee corner. Events, announcements, job posts and services – all easily accessible. 

No one reading your newsletter? Easily connect your knowork community to your WiFi to engage members every time they come in.


Help your members get connected.

(not just to your wifi)

Everything you need to grow your community.

Community directory

Your members, companies and crew all in one place,

Skill audit

Discover the skills and expertise of your members.

Live chat

Chat one-on-one or in groups.


Ask the community, get help or post a job opening.


Share and keep track of upcoming events.


Measure engagement.

Custom branding

Your logo, your colors, your website.

Mobile optimized

Let your community live on any screen.

Custom integrations

We're all about it.