Your workers have unique knowledge. Empower

them to meet, share and collaborate.

Connect your co-working space.

Knowork member directory to manage coworking spaces

Get to

know your neighbor.

You don't have to knock on every door to find out who you are

working with. Knowork brings all your members together in an

easily searchable directory, so you can find that UX freelancer

you've been looking for or get your crypto talk on.

Skill based community member profile page

Keep your

community in the loop.

Knowork encourages members to join groups, events and workshops relevant to their interests and skills. Let your members offer their services and engage in the things that matter to them most.

Newsfeed and updates for coworking space members
Coworking space chat and messaging system

Group chat

Coworking space and community management statistics
Useful coworking space member profiles



Meeting room booking management tool for coworking spaces
Smart coworking and community member directory



More Coworking management tools


everything else.

Don't use five different apps for your co-working space, we

made it easy for you to keep up with your members and

manage facilities all at the same time.



Check on room


and more

Coworking spaces management statistics in Knowork Dashboard

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